Rohl Brothers

Rohl Brothers

Constructing Brands Podcast

Episode #2

What You Will Learn:

Lou and Greg Rohl discuss the success story of House of Rohl, a company that bundles and markets luxury kitchen and bath products. They share how the company started by identifying an unmet need in the marketplace and partnering with European manufacturers. The Rohl brothers emphasize the importance of assigning roles and responsibilities within the company and finding the right talent to fill gaps. They also discuss the rebranding of the company as House of Rohl and the focus on better best products. The acquisition by Fortune Brands and the importance of differentiation and storytelling in the industry are highlighted. The Rohl brothers explain how they targeted the end consumer and scaled the brand through strategic marketing efforts. They conclude by discussing the concept of the role model, which emphasizes being hungry but humble in the pursuit of success.


Identify unmet needs in the marketplace and partner with manufacturers who have a passion for their products. Assign roles and responsibilities within the company and find the right talent to fill gaps. Focus on better best products and differentiate yourself in the market. Target the end consumer through strategic marketing efforts and storytelling. Strive for success by being hungry but humble.


00:00 Introduction and Background
03:09 Identifying an Opportunity
06:29 Joining the Company
09:09 Building the Business
13:49 Assigning Roles and Responsibilities
20:21 Focusing on Better Best Products
23:17 Acquisition by Fortune Brands
27:33 Differentiation and Storytelling
29:56 Balancing Private Label and Brand Partnerships
33:10 Targeting the End Consumer
37:54 Scaling the Brand
42:13 The Role Model

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