The Future of Architecture, Engineering, and Design, with Matt Jarmel

The Future of Architecture, Engineering, and Design, with Matt Jarmel

Constructing Brands Podcast

Episode #4

What You Will Learn:

  • The challenges that design firms are facing as buildings evolve
  • How building materials companies can help design firms create more flexible, sustainable structures
  • What Matt sees in the future of the building materials industry
  • How to increase visibility with design firms in the building materials industry
  • The decision-makers you should be after, and the best tactics for educating them about your products
  • The benefits of creating educational content for the end-user of your products
  • The area of building materials that Matt thinks will have the greatest impact on the AEC industry

Matthew B. Jarmel, AIA, MBA (Matt) is the managing principal of Jarmel Kizel Architects and Engineers, a leading provider of architecture, engineering, and interior design services based in Livingston, NJ. Jarmel Kizel provides a single point of accountability, to advise its clients throughout the entire development process; from land entitlements through design and construction. With a full range of architectural and engineering services, it is critical for Matt to keep an eye on the building materials industry. He is constantly working to stay ahead of new trends so that his firm can utilize the most advanced, cost-effective materials in the structures they design.

Flexibility and Sustainability

Whenever the building materials industry introduces new processes or technologies, Matt uses flexibility and sustainability as reference points to gauge where the industry is heading next. Flexibility and sustainability are huge drivers for the transformation of the building industry because as technology evolves, the way we use buildings changes. As we move towards net-zero buildings, we need technology capable of bending to those changes; we need building materials companies that can deliver them. While design firms work to create buildings that can be repurposed and reused down the road, new opportunities for building materials arise simultaneously. This could mean the integration of photovoltaic cells and traditional building materials, wind sails, or even new solar-thermal applications.

Get More Visibility

There are many ways for companies in the building materials industry to increase their visibility with design firms, but key decision-makers are difficult to reach. And while you might catch their attention in a magazine or a targeted ad, direct communication is the best way to educate them about your products. This requires strategy and a strong web presence that builds familiarity and trust with your brand before anyone on your team makes the first touchpoint. Lunch and learns, LinkedIn messaging, and email communication are some of the tactics you can use.

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