Building Materials Trends in Architecture, with Joe Bruno

Building Materials Trends in Architecture, with Joe Bruno

Constructing Brands Podcast

Episode #3

What You Will Learn:

  • Joe’s background in architecture and construction
  • New trends in the building materials industry
  • The future of building materials in architecture
  • How building materials manufacturers are increasing their visibility and selling their technology
  • Where Joe looks for new information about building materials and products
  • The importance of brand in Joe’s decision-making process

Joe Bruno is an architect who specializes in residential and commercial. He has done a significant amount of projects for municipalities and school districts, and he involves himself in every facet of the process from conception through completion. Since Joe has a handle on engineering and execution on top of his specialization, he is constantly watching trends in the building materials industry. Recently, Joe has noticed an increase in new technologies being introduced to the market, providing him with new ways to solve architectural problems as he incorporates these technologies into his designs.

Engineered Lumber

The building materials industry is always coming out with new products, but in Joe’s eyes, the latest trend has made the greatest impact on the structural design. Open floor plans are in extremely high demand right now and they pose many new challenges for architects across the country. Engineered lumber has enabled architects to create sprawling open floorplans without using a forest of columns or other laborious techniques. It is stronger than sawed lumber and more fire-resistant, so Joe has been able to expand his offerings to clients at a better price.

The Future of Building Materials in Architecture

Continuing with the idea of price, Joe predicts the building materials industry will see a continuing trend of greater variety at a lower cost. This includes materials that have traditionally only been accessible to the rich, like granite countertops and other finishes. Window manufacturers will offer a wider array of options and some of them are only available because new materials can withstand the stresses of new designs. Either way, the goal is to select the right materials for each job. And with an increasing number of different options available to us, the entire design-build process continues to become more efficient.

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