Welcome to Constructing Brands, with Eric Lanel

Welcome to Constructing Brands, with Eric Lanel

Constructing Brands Podcast

Episode #1

What You Will Learn:

  • What inspired the Constructing Brands podcast
  • Who will be interviewed on the Constructing Brands podcast
  • What topics will be covered with our guests
  • What you can expect to take away from the podcast
  • How this podcast will help your building materials company develop a better communications strategy

From CBS television to the Walt Disney Company to Doubleclick, Eric Lanel has been involved with driving winning strategies. As the owner of GWP, he has focused his attention on helping people in the building products and services space create a winning strategy and seamless execution platform.

Even in the best of times, running a successful building materials company is extremely difficult. But we get to be apart of an industry that is reshaping the world. If you ask me, that is worth dealing with the challenges that come with it. And the good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. With the Constructing Brands podcast, we help building materials manufacturers identify and solve the challenges that developers, contractors, architects, designers, and facilities managers are facing with their building materials providers. Hear what your audience thinks and feels about doing business in the building materials industry and develop a communication strategy that resonates with them. Find out how you can make your building materials company stand out, be more successful, and more profitable than ever before with the Constructing Brands podcast.

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