Opportunities Through Interesting Times

Opportunities Through Interesting Times

Constructing Brands Podcast

Episode #11

What You Will Learn:

  • How to see opportunity in a time of unrest
  • The value in investing in virtual communications technology
  • The value and significance of a reliable team
  • How to consider your image by your target audience
  • The importance of reviewing your online presence

Eric Lanel explains how even despite an unprecedented pandemic, building materials companies have more opportunities available than ever before. Cutting edge technology allows companies to work remotely from all around the world. Now more than ever we can recognize the value in investing in up-to-date communications technology. He also discusses the crucial significance of having a reliable team to maximize productivity and efficiency, even in times of crisis. It is important for companies to take a moment to reflect on what makes them unique, and how they are positioning their company to their target audience. And finally, it is also a good moment to review online/offline presence. A professional, streamlined website is the first insight a consumer may have into a business.

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