A Modern Contractor’s Perspective on the Building Materials Industry, with Alan Archuleta

A Modern Contractor’s Perspective on the Building Materials Industry, with Alan Archuleta

Constructing Brands Podcast

Episode #2

What You Will Learn:

  • Who Alan Archuleta is and how he got into the construction business
  • Why the building materials industry is changing so rapidly
  • How building materials companies can properly respond to changes in the industry
  • The challenges associated with using new building products and traditional construction processes
  • The movement to bring younger builders into the construction industry, and how building materials companies can reach them
  • The marriage of design and materials that building materials companies should be conscious of
  • How to stay on top of new trends in building materials

Alan Archuleta started Archuleta Builders back in 2008, and as he approaches twelve years in business, his passion for construction has not waned in the slightest. Before starting his own business, he dabbled in residential, commercial, and even building materials. But after working for other custom builders, Alan realized that he could do it bigger and better on his own. Much of his success can be attributed to his breadth of knowledge and experience in different facets of the construction industry. So, with the big picture in mind, Alan can confidently say the future is bright for contractors and building materials companies alike.

Same Formula, More Complications

Alan joins us on the latest episode of the Constructing Brands podcast to provide a contractor’s perspective on new trends in the building materials industry. The evolution of new materials is creating opportunities and setbacks that building materials companies must learn to navigate. As a contractor, Alan has seen the construction process become more and more complicated even though it is based on the same formula. And although many of the new building products are better, the application and maintenance of them are entirely foreign, which creates new challenges for the contractors to overcome.

Understand Your Contractors

Being wary of the disparity between a product’s intended purpose and how it will be used in the field can help you better understand what contractors look for in building materials companies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t educate your audience. There is a movement to bring younger people into the building industry, and young people consume information in a completely different way. Producing content that attracts and resonates with younger builders will garner loyalty from contractors who are working towards the same goal. But it also enables you to create a better understanding of new building materials and their applications among that audience.

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